Why User Experience is Key to Digital Marketing Success?

Digital marketing is all about a set of strategies and actions to drive online users to do a specific task. It can be as simple as reading an article, or as complex as purchasing a SAAS software for an organization. 

As the quote goes, ‘everyone is searching for something’, online users are in search of something. It can be booking a hotel, finding a perfect hangout destination, getting their car serviced, or a specific home appliance or device. 


User Experience & Digital Marketing

For the success of any digital marketing campaign, the user experience of getting the job done should be flawless. Think of booking a hotel on a website. If the page shows an error after making the payment, the customer will panic and if the customer support does not chat or call, their panic level is increased. If the email for support is also not provided, it will be their last time on the specific website.


This is a simple example of the role of user experience in digital marketing. Major user experience factors affecting digital marketing are:

  1. Mobile View: With more than 52% of online users being mobile, if the website is not mobile responsive, it will very much affect your digital marketing efforts. If the website is not responsive, nowadays Google Ads will not get approved.
  2. Ease of access: The important action items should be buttons and placed on the website as easily visible as possible. The highlights and color contrast have a great impact on customer decisions while browsing through a website.
  3. Readable content: The content on the website should not be too clumsy. Keep maximum space between paragraphs and fonts should be readable. Nobody likes to take the strain while reading something.
  4. Clear forms and fields for Data Collection: One of the major factors in user experience is collecting maximum information to get the service done as flawless as possible. Going back to the hotel room booking example, consider a page that does not take the number of guests and just books the number of rooms. It can create confusion once they reach the facility.
  5. Customer support: There should be chat support, call support, or at least email support, depending on the severity of transactions. A confused customer should be helped as easily as possible.

UX and Digital Marketing Professional

Now you might be wondering isn’t this the job of a designer. Even though the implementation is a job of a designer, as a digital marketing executive who designs strategies to drive traffic and make them do the actions you desire, you should understand UI UX.

“Everyone is searching for something”

– Webtrainer

Also, you should understand UI and UX are two separate domains. A designer might think of UI design, but UX inputs should be given by the digital marketing personnel. At Webtrainer, we choose courses which touches the user experience design aspects while teaching you digital marketing.

UX means user experience and as a person who design strategy to take a user to the page, you can suggest the experience one customer goes through in different stages of the transaction.

In case your organization is keeping you away from design team, you should educate them on the importance of you being a part of the design strategy.

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Why User Experience is Key to Digital Marketing Success?

Article on the importance of UX in digital marketing. At webtrainer, we are trying to make aspiring professionals understand the game of digital marketing. A successful digital marketing executive should understand how user experience is designed in the page they are driving their users to.

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