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You can learn digital marketing easily through online courses. Compared to classroom courses, this gives you the flexibility to learn whenever you want, wherever you want. We at Webtrainer, is dedicated in researching and understanding how well digital marketing courses can be designed. 

Here, you can read about the pros and cons of free and paid online courses. 


Who should take a digital marketing course?

Digital marketing courses are helpful not only for students pursuing a career, but also for entrepreneurs who are trying to build an online presence. If you google ‘digital marketing courses’ in google, you will find courses that focus on SEO, social media marketing, Google ads, etc. But anyone who invest in advertisement can show you top results in Google and one can never be sure about which course is best for you.

To understand how a course is best for you, the first thing you should consider is what kind of teaching is more comfortable for you.

Web based training for digital marketing is available in different websites like Upgrad, Simplilearn, etc. At the same time, quality pre-recorded courses are available in sites like Udemy, Coursera, edx, etc. The difference between one to one and recorded sessions is flexibility.

One to one class will be scheduled at specific time slots. Even though you can choose your slots, you must dedicate specific time for the course. Good thing about one to one is that if you are having a habit of procrastination, this type becomes more effective. 


Recorded sessions available in leading online learning platforms are not just recorded videos. The apps are designed in a way that there will be tests, questionnaires, reviews and even space to take notes. Best thing about this mode of learning is flexibility of time. 

Especially for working professionals or students attending college, this mode is helpful.

What will you learn in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing consists of a set of skills and knowledge one should have to create and execute strategies that can cater a specific message to the masses. 

One should have the creativity to design how a message is presented in front of the target audience. Accordingly, there are two areas of learning when it comes to digital marketing.

  1. Creative skills & tools
  2. Implementation skills & tools

Creative skills and tools

Creative skills include tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, etc. With this, you can create content to deliver the message. It can be images, videos, slide shows, etc.

One can also learn tools like WordPress, Shopify etc. Even though there are developers to take care of this, understanding of CMS tools will help you plan your strategies better.

Implementation skills & tools

The tools you should learn to implement the advertisement varies according to the platform you work on.

According to the platforms, the skills are as follows:

  1. Social Media Marketing: Facebook Ads Manager is the tool one must learn to create and run campaigns in Facebook and Instagram. You can set different audience and interests to run different campaigns. Learning this tool is important to run successful campaigns to deliver specific goals of the organization you are working for.
  2. SEM: Search engine marketing of Google advertising is a skill you must learn if you are working for an organization to drive more traffic to their website and generate enquiries. This includes learning how to do keyword research, create campaigns according to search terms, demography, and location. It is SEM that allows you to place ads in search engine, YouTube, Gmail and Google Display Network.
  3. SEO: As good as running ads, the results that are generated organically can deliver results without spending every day. Search engine optimization is a process with which a website will be on top organic results for certain keywords. 

One must learn skills to do keyword research, write content, create back links, etc. It is a structured process which one must learn from a trained professional.

Apart from this, there are trainings in Pinterest and SnapChat ads as well. You can also get trained in content marketing skills. With the help of story tellers, you can create content to cater to the right audience.

Along with learning digital marketing experimenting is also important. Having knowledge on how things work is just a start in digital marketing. You must work on real time projects by setting up campaigns, creating back links, doing email marketing etc. For this, it is suggested to have a website of your own.


What separates good content from great content is a willingness to take risks and push the envelope. 

– Brian Halligan, CEO & Co-founder, Hubspot

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